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‘Omnichannel’ delivers service and brand messages to help move people through the five stages of buying.

People often think of omnichannel as being about selecting the right blend of channels for delivering products and service, says Keith Brannan, CMO for Austin, Texas-based Kasasa. In action, omnichannel is also about selecting the right channels for delivering your brand messages.

“But don’t pick your channels first,” advises Brannan. “Instead, pick how the consumer wants to be in contact with you. For most, it’s mobile, now viewed as a commoditized function by the consumer.”

A strong omnichannel presence allows you to offer a continuous stream of relevant products when the consumer needs them—and to get your brand out there effectively.

“The goal is to grab people’s attention with comprehensive, consumer research-based messaging,” explains Brannan. “This makes it easy for people to learn about who you are, what you’re about, and what you can do for them. These messages, when delivered effectively, compel people to action in a way that provides member value.”

Tailoring the experience around the way consumers behave lets you take a strategic approach to guiding consumers through the five buying stages. The stage of:

  1. connect and attract aims to intrigue consumers and create interest;
  2. educate and orient provides your target audience with company information and online content;  
  3. interact/fulfill demand enables you to engage with members and fulfill their demands;
  4. serving and retaining involves understanding broader audience needs and presenting new services to them; and
  5. advocacy means your brand has been reinforced so strongly that customers convey your value to others.

“The goal is to develop a relationship platform with products, technology and marketing at these key stages to maximize value at each stage,” reiterates Brannan.

Quality products will help you break through the clutter, get noticed and build relationships.

“Be seen, introduce products, build the relationship and then inspire ‘fandom,’” adds Brannan. “It’s not just growing your member base; it’s sowing seeds in the market so you can get continuous growth through referrals – the highest quality leads for your credit union.”

No matter how great your omnichannel experience, without great products, you won’t be as effective.

“Members want both the innovation of omnichannel and products they desire,” concludes Brannan. “It lifts you above offering only a commoditized solution. The experience also becomes better and better because the member believes in your brand.”

Stephanie Schwenn Sebring established and managed the marketing departments for three CUs before launching her business. As owner of Fab Prose & Professional Writing, she assists CUs, industry suppliers and any company wanting great content and a clear brand voice. Follow her on Twitter@fabprose.

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