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This month, I am looking forward to taking some time for my personal professional development. I’ve learned that I need to be intentional with my learning and make a plan for it—or it won’t happen.

This is a common problem. In fact, “too little time for training and development” was the top response across all credit unions to the question, “What are the biggest challenges your organization faces in terms of training and talent development?” posed earlier this year when CUES fielded its first-ever talent development survey among credit union CEOs, executives and HR managers. 

The goal of the survey was to develop a baseline view of the most pressing human capital challenges facing credit unions. The findings are now available in a new report for all CUES members: The State of Credit Union Training and Development. Download it at

One way I am making time for professional development is by blocking an hour on my calendar every other Monday morning. But that won’t be enough. I need to list out my goals for the month and share them with my supervisor, or it would be all too easy to put them off until later.

Therefore, this month my PD plans include:

  • Knowledge & Networking November: This online event features three of the highest-rated speakers in CUES history presenting on three Thursday afternoons throughout the month 
  • Strategy-focused pathway on CUES Learning Portal: Powered by Degreed, this resource provides CUES members with access to content to support the skill development of individuals at all levels within the credit union. The learning pathways are collections of curated content on a specific topic.
  • Harvard ManageMentor course: With 41 courses covering essential business topics, Unlimited and Unlimited+ CUES members now have an easy way to access management and leadership development resources 

Making time for your own development and encouraging your staff to make time for theirs is especially important now. Another question the CUES Talent Development Survey asked was: Is your credit union able to develop the necessary talent needs expected over the next 12 to 18 months? Only 29% of credit unions said they are prepared or on schedule for this. In addition to the resources above, CUES has many more for your team at

I’m always on the hunt for more good habits to build. I’m blocking time, making month-long plans for specific development and sharing it with others for accountability. What other habits should I try? Email me at with your best tips. cues icon

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