Aspiring Manager Aided by Harvard ManageMentor

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By LeJuan George, CUBDP

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This educational benefit of my CUES membership is helping me hone my skill in bringing out the best in others.

As senior business development officer at $6.5 billion Redstone Federal Credit Union, Huntsville, Alabama, my daily work entails overseeing the marketing and maintenance of relationships of nine affinity debit card program partnerships. I also work to add expand our field of membership by adding new select employee groups. In addition, I use an online marketing platform to promote businesses within our footprint to our members and to advertise ways members can save by using these businesses’ products and services.

While my current role has a fair number of managerial duties, my career aspirations are to transition completely into a management role. That’s because my passion is bringing out the best in people—something that managers and leaders need to know how to do well.

To move along this pathway, I first took a leadership course at a local college. But in December 2020, I started using Harvard ManageMentor, a benefit of my CUES Unlimited+ membership. I knew right away that this was how I wanted to continue learning the “human” skills of management and leadership.

With 42 Harvard ManageMentor courses included in my membership, the program prepares me for more managerial responsibility by giving me all the necessary information, content, videos and tools relevant to my pursuits in an easy-to-access method. Having such a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips takes the guess work out of where to go to gain knowledge.

Harvard ManageMentor has aligned its curriculum with top-notch, seasoned professionals who have not only walked the walk, but elaborate on the walk from their experiences. CUES members who take these courses get first-hand guidance from people who went above and beyond for themselves and their employees in day-to-day operations at small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.  

To complete a course, CUES members must finish all associated lessons. Building out the on-the-job plan is optional. After members pass the course assessment, they receive a certificate of completion.

I’ve been spending some time each week working on a Harvard ManageMentor course focused on leading others. And I have already been able to apply in my work at the credit union what I’m learning about adapting to individual work personalities.

Next, I plan to take Harvard ManageMentor courses in employee development, team management and diversity. I hope to learn more efficient ways to bring out the best in others regardless of their mindsets, backgrounds and experiences. As the world is constantly changing, it’s my duty as an aspiring manager to stay abreast of things and be able to lead a team as the workplace and the world become more and more diverse.  

Knowledge is powerful and can help you grow your career. I encourage all leaders to find and use learning programs like Harvard ManageMentor that help to sharpen their minds and deepen their abilities to be better able to support others in bringing their best selves to work.

CUES member LeJuan George, CUBDP, is senior business development officer at $6.5 billion Redstone Federal Credit Union, Huntsville, Alabama.

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