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CUES managing editor and publisher Theresa Witham
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From the editor

My phone has been saving my life this summer. It has been a challenging season for my family. My husband broke his shoulder in early July, and then had surgery at the end of that month. 

Without being able to use my phone to set up dinner and grocery deliveries, I’d be lost—or at least very hungry! Plus, we’ve had a steady flow of packages delivering pain killers, ice wraps and adaptive t-shirts (with snaps!), all thanks to orders placed on my phone. 

When I couldn’t get something delivered soon enough but had to attend a staff meeting, I used the Microsoft Teams app on my phone to call in from Target. There was also a particularly challenging day when I realized I could, with just a few taps, order an ice cream sundae to be delivered!

A few weeks before my husband’s accident, we took a short trip, and he forgot to pack his bathing suit. Instead of wasting any time during our precious weekend away, I suggested he have one delivered to the hotel via Postmates. 

My point is that our phones can be a lifeline, and your credit union can be an important part of that. 

In our cover story about reaching members in the wild—where they do their business and live their lives—Brian Scott, chief growth officer for CUESolutions provider PSCU, asks, “Have you provided enough value here that you think people would pay $3.95 to download your app because it’s that good?” 

Would I pay for my CU’s app? Emphatically, yes!!! 

I have spoken about my love of my credit union’s app in the past. It has been invaluable again this summer. My life would be harder without it, even when everything is going swimmingly. The app’s bill-pay, remote deposit capture and budgeting tools keep me on top of my finances.

If you are not sure if your credit union’s app is providing enough value, take inspiration from popular apps. Ask your members and employees what they like best in their favorite apps and why. Ask what problems they have that you can help solve. 

When you add that value to your app, you can create stickiness and encourage member retention. I have no plans to move, but if I ever do, I’m sticking with my CU and its app. 

P.S. Next month, CUES is planning an exciting digital awards program. Be sure to block your calendar to join us in celebrating several credit union leaders on Oct. 21. cues icon

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