It’s Here! CUES Certificate in Business Lending

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Demonstrated proficiency you can take to market.

We've been vocal in championing member business services and business lending as the best opportunity for credit union growth and stability. As it’s become increasingly difficult to profit from consumers, attracting business clients is paramount. 

The challenge, however, is catching up to other lenders who have monopolized this market niche for years.

Now you can differentiate your credit union and secure a unique position in the business lending arena by certifying the expertise of your lenders. Working with CUES, we have developed a Certificate in Business Lending program unlike anything the industry has seen. Candidates will run a gauntlet of comprehensive coursework, practical application of knowledge and a thorough examination process. They’ll emerge as competent, confident underwriters, equipped with great analytical skills and the ability to discuss complex financial concepts with ease. To be certified, new candidates will:

  • attend CUES School of Business Lending I, II and III
  • complete all required coursework and outside assignments
  • accumulate on-the-job lending experience and study independently
  • participate in a high-level review session
  • pass a rigorous proctored exam

Prior graduates of CUES School of Business Lending series are also eligible for a Certificate in Business Lending, following their successful completion of a review session and exam. The Certificate of Business Lending program is not only a win for lenders in terms of their career development, but also a slam dunk for credit unions and members. For years we have asked business owners what they want in a financial institution.

The answer is consistent: They want to be treated professionally and work with someone who knows what they are doing; they don’t want to be treated like a number. Basically, they describe their local credit union. Combining the Certificate in Business Lending program with competitive rates and products plus outstanding member service creates an attractive value proposition to take to the marketplace. Credit unions can walk this talk. You are not just saying you are an expert, you are an expert. And now you can have the Certificate of Business Lending to prove it.

James R. Devine is chairman and chief executive officer and Robert J. Hogan is president and chief operating officer at Hipereon, Inc., Redmond, Wash. They are well known for their training expertise and business lending acumen. As lead instructors for CUES’ series of business lending schools, they enjoy improving credit competency throughout the industry.

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