Customer Service Philosophy: Pretend you own the Store


By Lisa Hochgraf

In my life outside of credit unions, I'm a volunteer for Mendon Public Library. And part of volunteering lately has meant keeping members of our local Chamber of Commerce up to date on what's happening with our new library building project.

At a recent Chamber event, the owner of a local store described to me his customer service philosophy. He said he tells his employees: "Don't call me. Pretend you own the store and fix the problem for the customer."

Another Chamber member was right there with an example of how a store employee had done just that for one of her friends.

Seems to me this philosophy could apply even better to credit unions' front-line employees. After all, if they're members, they don't have to pretend they own the place ... they really do!

When's the last time you told employees not to call you--to own the credit union, and fix members' problems on the spot? What creative solutions have they come up with?

Lisa Hochgraf is a CUES editor.

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