Leadership Behaviors That Engage Employees in Living Your Credit Union’s Mission

Jen Kuhn
By Jen Kuhn

Kuhn defines “engagement” as the behaviors of people who are willing to go out of their way to create better outcomes. “They’re committed and invested in really living the mission of their credit unions, in doing their best by the members…. “They’re always looking for those opportunities and, when they see them, they pounce on them.”

Worldwide, 87 percent of employees are disengaged; in the U.S. about 71 percent of employees are disengaged, Kuhn noted.

In the podcast, Kuhn also describes the difference between engagement and satisfaction. 

“Engaged employees are the ones who are looking to make a difference,” she explains. “They are the ones who are actively seeking opportunities to help a member or the department or the branch. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve.

“A satisfied employee is not necessarily an engaged employee,” she notes. “A satisfied employee is typically very content with their job. … Rarely, if ever, will they go above and beyond. They’re going to show up on time and do their job.”

But organizations, including credit unions, get more from having engaged rather than simply satisfied employees.

“Ideally, though, what we create through our leadership skills is an engaged workforce, employees that want to do more than just their job,” she says. “A satisfied employee shows up; an engaged employee makes a difference.”

An actively disengaged employee looks for ways to get out of work, Kuhn explains. “They’re typically doing just enough to not get fired. 

An employee’s direct manager has the most influence on whether an employee will be engaged, satisfied or disengaged, Kuhn notes.

So what’s are leaders and managers to do? Kuhn offers a list of dos and don’ts in this episode.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about:

  • Leadership behaviors that promote engagement among employees
  • Leadership behaviors that promote disengagement among employees
  • How employee engagement impacts member behavior, including how much business they do with your credit union
  • Whether technology can overcome the need for engaged employees
  • Why engaged employees tend to thrive on new technology
  • Servistar’s Vertex management training program
  • Servistar’s overall sales and service culture and employee engagement program

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