Director Skills Assessment


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CUES Member $3,495.00
Director Member $3,495.00

Easily focus training resources and improve board recruitment by identifying strengths, challenges and gaps in director skills, experience and competencies.

U.S. and Canadian credit unions can quickly evaluate individual board members, and the board as a whole, on:

  • Governance culture
  • Personal attributes
  • Leadership skills
  • Engagement
  • Knowledge centers

Canadian Credit Unions: This tool can help you meet board assessment standards and guidelines recommended by Canadian authorities.

How it Works

Each board member completes a confidential self-assessment on their own capabilities and the capabilities of the collective board. After receiving a personal email with a private link, each volunteer will have approximately two weeks to complete the survey.

The results are then aggregated by SurveyGizmo and made available to the experts at Quantum Governance, L3C, who will analyze the data and provide you with two different reports, including:

1)    Director Skills Assessment Reports: Distinct summaries of each individual board members’ own assessment, along with how the results compare to the average of their fellow director’s scores. Only the individual board member and designated director (ie. board chair, governance committee chair) are given a copy of this report.

2)    Overall Board Skills Assessment Summary: The aggregated and analyzed results for the collective assessment, provided in a non-attributed form.

Then, Quantum Governance will review your credit union’s overall results in a one-hour telephone briefing with two to three of your credit union leaders.

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Sample Questions

Governance Culture
How effective are you at…

  • Maintaining high ethical standards?
  • Fostering a constructive partnership with management?

Personal Attributes
How effective are you at…

  • Being willing to state an opinion that is contrary to the group?
  • Putting aside your individual opinions to support the will of the whole?

Leadership Skills
How effective are you at…

  • Encouraging open dialogue?
  • Supporting regular rejuvenation of the board?

How effective are you at…

  • Understanding the issues being discussed at the board level?
  • Actively engaging in board meeting discussions?

Knowledge Centers
For each of the following please rate your knowledge on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "I have no knowledge" and 10 being "I'm an expert:"

  • Audit
  • Executive Management
  • Marketing and Communications