Quantum Governance, L3C

Quantum Governance, L3C, strengthens credit union boards, supervisory committees and executive leadership teams by providing strategic, governance, ethics and management assessments, consulting and facilitation.

Services include:

  • Governance and strategy assessments: surveys, interviews, focus groups, board meeting observation and document review
  • Facilitation for retreats and meetings: interactive, facilitated processes for the whole board, supervisory committee and/or executive team
  • Executive Coaching: support to further develop board chairs and CEOs
  • Custom seminars, workshops and training: webinars, brown-bags and more tailored to a client’s topic, audience and time frame

Quantum Governance helps develop strong and more effective board members and management.

The result? Strong leaders who deliver greater impact through improved strategy and decision-making skills, board structure, executive initiatives and communication.

Good governance matters! Fill out the online interest form below and receive a sample board assessment. Or, contact CUES at cues@cues.org or 800.252.2664 or 608.271.2664, ext. 332, for more information.

Watch Michael Daigneault, CCD, CEO of Quantum Governance L3C, in a video about engagement spectrum.

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