Accelerating Credit Union Performance

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Drive and drag factors that determine credit unions' ability to consistently and profitably deliver value

This whitepaper from CUES and Heidrick Consulting is designed to help credit unions identify key factors that are driving their success or dragging them down. It offers concrete advice about how to reach top performance.

CUES has previously partnered with the team at Heidrick to produce its timely, high quality and highly applicable scenario reports, such as The Future of Payments: Scenarios for Credit Unions. This new report continues along the path of helping credit unions envision and create a successful future.

The Heidrick research that forms the basis for the new report identified "super-accelerators"—companies that consistently and profitably deliver value. It then studied these companies to learn what they do differently from lower-performers.
What the research found is that today’s super-accelerators relentlessly pursue four core areas: mobilizing people; executing at pace while streamlining resources; transformation of the business; innovation while executing on the core mission; and ensuring deep organizational agility. The whitepaper examines drag and drive factors in each of these areas and makes suggestions about what credit unions can do if they’re not accelerating in a particular area.


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Accelerating Credit Union Performance
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