CUES Guide to Effective Mentorship

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Those who take on the role of mentor are helping to develop future talent and future leaders.

"I think it's an obligation, as a leader, to be a mentor," writes John Pembroke in his introduction to the CUES Guide to Effective Mentorship, a benefit of CUES membership

"At CUES, we are dedicated to the professional development of today’s credit union executives and directors as well as the leaders of tomorrow," Pembroke writes. "With that mission in mind, we have produced this mentorship guide to assist credit union professionals in bridging the educational and knowledge gap from one generation of leaders to another."

Mentorship is an important tool in the leadership development toolbox, but it’s a tool that many organizations do not stress or facilitate. In a recent survey conducted by the Association of Talent Development, only 29% of responding companies indicated that they have a formal mentorship program. An additional 37% supported mentoring on an informal basis. Those figures indicate that while a majority of organizations recognize the importance of mentoring, there is still a need for education and guidance on how to define, form, nurture and facilitate the mentor relationship.

Enter this new benefit for CUES members, your guide to making the most of mentorship at your credit union and in your career.

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A benefit of CUES membership, the CUES Guide to Effective Membership will help you make the most of these key professional relationships.
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