The Definitive Guide to Hiring a CEO

black CEO chair at head of table
By Shanley Search Partners

13 minutes

A blueprint for a credit union's board of directors

The transition to new leadership within a credit union can be an exciting time for all stakeholders. It represents the chance for a new vision, a different direction or increased growth. But the unknown can also produce anxiety about the future of the financial institution—especially among the members of the board of directors tasked with making this hiring decision.

Selecting a new CEO is truly the most crucial decision a board of directors will make—so the importance of getting it right the first time cannot be overstated. Perhaps now more than ever, it’s proving incredibly difficult to find a dynamic leader that possesses both the soft skills necessary to move a culture forward and the technical skills essential to managing a financial institution amidst global digital transformation and increasing consumer expectations and demands.

This guide outlines how to prepare for a CEO search, what to expect along the way, and how to find the absolute best candidate for the job.

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The Definitive Guide to Hiring a CEO
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