The Human Era of Banking

Exterior of a USE Credit Union branch
By Momentum, Inc

12 minutes

A look Into the future of credit union branches

With pandemic disruptions behind us and the digital revolution settling into maturity and incremental refinement, a big question on many people’s minds is “now what?”

What is the future of retail banking? What are the threats? Where are the opportunities? And what does the branch of the future really look like?

Commodification is becoming a major threat to credit unions and community banks that can’t always compete with Wall Street on raw numbers. With so many services moving to digital platforms, where a ranked list of mortgage rates is only a Google search away, how can smaller institutions stand out?

You have one major advantage that Wall Street doesn’t: the human element. You have a unique connection with your community, and by leaning on that in your retail strategy to craft the personal connections that today’s consumers are looking for you can differentiate yourself in the market.

Enter the human era of banking.

In our latest Branch Ideabook, we cover the following:

  • Avoid Becoming a Commodity in a Digital World
  • Your Brand is Not Your Logo
  • Shift From Telling to Showing
  • Empower Your Staff
  • Move From Channels to Experiences
  • Find Creative Uses of Space
  • Find Strategic Partnerships
  • and the “why” behind contemporary branch designs with dozens of visual examples.

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