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Jimese Harkley, CUDE, J.D., SPP, CCE Photo

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2019 CUES Membership is an all-access pass for Leadership learning.

Winning the war for talent is clearly a multi-step process. In addition to recruiting the best external candidates, credit unions need to develop their top staff and volunteer leaders. CUES has long helped with this through CEO Institute and CUES Governance Leadership Institute™.

But developing top talent isn’t enough. To truly create the largest possible talent pool on which to draw, leaders who have reached the top need to “push the button to send the elevator back down” so it can bring the rest of the staff up to their full potential. Investing in a new-for-2019 CUES Unlimited or Unlimited+ membership is a perfect way to do just that.

Shared Knowledge

With a name that comes from “Credit Union Executives Society,” CUES played a big role in elevating credit union “managers” to being “CEOs.” Developing top leaders in this way supported credit unions as they grew to serve more members in more sophisticated ways.

Now CUES is dedicated to serving the professional development needs of CEOs, executives, directors and future leaders—in other words, everyone on your team. Our new Unlimited and Unlimited+ memberships are structured so credit unions can add every leader and aspiring leader at every level if they wish. By providing membership benefits to a larger group, you show your commitment to each individual team member’s learning—as well as to moving the organization forward successfully.

One of our new membership benefits—CUES Learning Portal, powered by Degreed—exemplifies this expanded vision of CUES membership. On CUES Learning Portal, you and all CUES members can follow learning pathways developed by educators; track your learning progress by marking off articles, videos and courses as you complete them; and, importantly, share content with other individuals, your team members or the entire credit union staff.

Both external and award-winning CUES content are included on CUES Learning Portal, expanding its ability to bring you relevant and timely learning. (See for more about why curated learning sites are so powerful.)

Notably, the content available to CUES members-only is being expanded. This includes the launch of the new website, and the creation of the CUES Guide to Effective Mentorship. Our CUES Net community refresh is on its way soon. For Unlimited and Unlimited+ members, we have also created the new Director Onboarding Tool Kit and CUES Leadership Development Guide.

New Experience

CUES has long been known for providing excellent member service. And now we're recommitting ourselves to changing the member experience so it not only responds to inquiries in the best possible way, but also reaches out to new and renewing members to help them get the most out of their investment in membership.

For example, CUES is offering regular webinars explaining what is included in CUES membership and how to best take advantage of it. We believe this new focus will boost the learning of individuals and help entire CUs boost their readiness to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever made a move without bringing someone up with me. Ask yourself: Do I push the button to send the elevator back down? Am I helping bring staff up to realize their full potential? How could our staff benefit from an all-access pass to CUES? You’ll win the war for talent when you do.

Jimese Harkley is VP/membership for CUES. Previously philanthropy and community relations manager with $1.3 billion America’s First Federal Credit Union, Birmingham, Ala., she was named CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec in 2015.  


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