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Theresa Witham, CUES Managing Editor and Publisher
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How are you right now? You, not your credit union. Are you OK? Are you sleeping? Eating well? These past two months have been some of the most challenging many of us have ever faced. While it’s OK if you don’t feel all that OK, it’s important to remember that in times of great challenge, employees look to leaders for comfort, for security and for signs that we will all get through the challenge at hand.

I admit I have had some bad days over the past two months. My anxiety has been high. I’m having weird dreams (along with many of you, according to this article).  But I also know that anxiety is contagious and that I need to stay calm, or at least project calm, for my co-workers and my son.

I couldn’t be at all calm if I didn’t have a good practice of self-care. Because of the pandemic, I have had to adjust some of my usual care routines. My gym is closed, so my frequent swims have stopped. While nothing calms me so much as gliding through the water, recent walks on nice days with a good podcast in my ear have helped. Baking and cooking good food for my family also has brought us joy. And I’ve always sought escape in books, which is certainly something I can continue to do now.

If you are struggling to find what works for taking care of yourself these days, we have a few resources that may help. 

  • Don’t Fool With Self-Care,” by United Teletech Financial Federal Credit Union CEO and CUES member Leo Ardine, describes four ways you can relieve stress.
  • A Super Selection of Self-Care Resources” lists more than 20 ways to find balance or escape.
  • How to Talk With Anxious People” includes 10 tips for leading with empathy, openness and confidence during uncertain times.
  • CUESNet™ has been hosting discussions on multiple COVID-19-related topics, including self-care. 
  • CUES Learning Portal, Powered by Degreed, has three new learning pathways to help (find them and more COVID-19 resources at
    • “Resources for COVID-19,” “
    • How to Transition to a Remote Workforce” and
    • “Virtual Collaboration in Organizations.”

I hope you are taking care of yourself and encouraging your employees to take care, as well. Most of us look to our leaders for signs and clues on how to act during a crisis. By showing your team that you are taking self-care seriously, you’ll give them permission to do the same—which will ultimately help us all bring our best selves to work. We’re in this together! Stay well!

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