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CUES managing editor and publisher Theresa Witham
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From the editor

A challenge of editing a monthly magazine is that we plan our issues many months before you read them.

As you open this issue, we are planning the November 2020 issue of CU Management and working on our 2021 editorial calendar. A monthly magazine generally does not “break news,” but does need to respond to the news and be relevant in the changing marketplace. Therefore, I hesitated about what to do with our article about creative approaches to employee recruitment

We planned this article hoping it would help credit unions struggling to fill open positions in a job market with a 3% unemployment rate. Now, the unemployment rate is almost 15%. By June it could be higher. Even if the jobless rate starts to improve as some states open up and closed businesses resume operations, will credit unions be doing much hiring? Or will you be waiting to see what the next several months bring?

We decided to keep the article in this issue as planned because the content is good. The article covers hiring members and former employees, looks at the impact of “ban the box” laws that forbid employers from asking job candidates about criminal backgrounds, and offers tips for how to handle “ghosting”—when a new hire never shows up to work. 

While we planned “Recruiting Outside the Box” months ago, we’re now operating “outside the box” in almost every aspect of our lives. Perhaps looking to former employees and your best members for open positions is extra important when you can’t interview or onboard in person. 

I do hope this article will be helpful to you, whether you read it right away or save it for better days. I would also like to know what content you are most interested in right now. Do you want only COVID-19-related content? Or are you grateful for a break from it? Are there topics you want to see covered in our magazine or this website in the coming months? Let me know by emailing

And until then, stay well.

P.S. Watch your email for surveys coming from CUES this month. We are looking for your feedback on your membership. And later this summer, we’ll survey CU Management readers about the ads you see in your magazine. Stay tuned.cues icon

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