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How do you define success in your career? That is a question we examined in the latest issue of Advancing Women, a quarterly publication that offers inspiration and information for aspiring female credit union executives and those who support them.

The women we spoke to agree that success is highly subjective and that what counts as success will change throughout your life. Ultimately, it is something that only you can answer for yourself. 

If you feel stuck on your journey, I like this suggestion from Laurie Maddalena, MBA, CPCC, PHR, chief leadership consultant for CUES Supplier member Envision Excellence LLC, Laytonsville, Maryland: “If you don’t feel fulfilled, reflect on what’s most important to you now. What attributes of another job would be most fulfilling? It may take some time, effort and reflection to discover the path forward.”

In each issue of Advancing Women, we profile an amazing credit union woman. This month was Aisha Scott, manager/learning and organizational development for MECU Credit Union, Baltimore. Her advice is going on my wall: “The easiest way I’ve come to answer this question of how, is to be a BOSS,” says Scott. “Be Outstanding in Something Simple. Find the one thing that gives you joy—and that you do well—and build your craft, your profession and your career around it. When you find that job or position that makes you happy to get up and go to work every day, that is your passion. Then, gather as much knowledge around it as you can—there is power in knowledge and being an expert.”

Read both articles at, where you will also find a video about finding your voice, a podcast about unconscious habits that can get in the way of career growth, an article about increasing the number of women on boards and more.

If the CEO job is your ultimate career goal—and not because of the title but because you are driven to lead at the highest level—be sure to read “Is Anybody Out There?” in this magazine issue. In it we explore the loneliness that often comes with leadership and offer tactics to help.

One more thing to consider on your path to success as a leader and credit union executive is stated nicely in our cover story about artificial intelligence. “For centuries, people have worked to gain business wisdom from studying financial statements. AI can now do that for them. They can pivot to a more human orientation, more about helping people realize their dreams or find stability and less about poring over numbers,” says Peter Scott, a futurist and founder of The Next Wave Institute, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Read more in “Taking Control of AI.”

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