Asking Two Favors

CUES managing editor and publisher Theresa Witham
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From the editor

Today I am asking for your assistance in two ways that can help strengthen the industry.

“First, please contribute your credit union’s 2020 compensation data to both the CUES Employee Salary Survey and the CUES Executive Compensation Survey. When the results come out later this year, they will compare year-over-year data and see how COVID-19 affected compensation across the industry. (Our friends at CUESolutions provider CUNA Mutual Group, Madison, Wisconsin, warn that economic fallout from COVID-19 could also impact your executive benefits packages. They explain why you should re-assess your plans—and adjust them as needed—in “Three New Reasons to Adjust Executive Retirement Plans.”)

In addition to providing data on the impact of the pandemic, the peer-group and year-over-year pay increase trends from the two CUES surveys will help your credit union set future compensation plans. If you participate by March 31, you’ll receive a 20% discount on your purchase of the survey results. If you’re a CUES Unlimited+ member, you can access the survey results for free.

The second thing I am requesting is for you to encourage and endorse at least one credit union employee to apply for the 2021 CUES Emerge program at by Feb. 10. 

New in 2020, the CUES Emerge leadership development program was a huge success despite the pandemic, in part because it includes a robust online education phase. The seven-week online course includes live instruction and an opportunity to collaborate with other participants. The program then culminates with a project presentation. In all, this is a tremendous opportunity for participants to improve their strategic thinking and leadership skills.

Any employee who has not yet achieved the level of CEO is eligible—but each applicant needs the endorsement of a supervisor or credit union leader. I believe we all know at least one person who could benefit from participating. I encourage you not to wait for staffers to reach out to you for an endorsement. We should all be lifting up the promising leaders in our organizations. Your faith in their abilities and promise to the industry will surely be a confidence boost.

Read about the first CUES Emerging Leader, Lindsey Walker, CCM, in “Contributing to the Mission.” And then don’t delay in encouraging your staff to raise their hand by Feb. 10 at

P.S. CUES has paired up with renowned Cornell University to bring eCornell certificate programs to the industry! We are offering courses on DEI, strategic HR, digital marketing and management. All were developed specifically for credit unions, are available only from CUES, and led by Cornell faculty. Visit for details.

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