CUES Membership Minute: Calling All Emerging Leaders

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Jimese Harkley, CUDE, J.D., SPP, CCE Photo

2 minutes

The 2015 Next Top Credit Union Exec encourages participation in the new CUES Emerge program, which launches next month.

All good things evolve if they’re going to get even better.

Take my career. 

When I was named the 2015 CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec, I was manager of philanthropy and community investment at $1.6 million America’s First Credit Union, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Winning the challenge opened many doors. Along the way to my current role as VP/membership at CUES, I worked as the stewardship and development director at Filene and also did diversity consulting through my own business.

Like my career, the CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec program is evolving for the better. In January 2020, it will relaunch as “CUES Emerge.” 

Some key features of the new program that I’m super excited about include the following:

  • The program will be open to all emerging leaders (not just those “under 35”).
  • All participants in the new program will access learning offerings that are benefits of their membership in CUES, including CUES Elite Access courses, the CUESNet community forum and CUES Learning Portal.
  • The top three emerging leaders, chosen by a professional panel, will receive a complimentary registration to the CUES School of Applied Strategic Management. By attending, they’ll be eligible to earn the CSE (Certified Senior Executive) designation, signifying their dedication to professional development.

I love that the program provides a pathway for emerging leaders to complete purposeful curriculum and gain exposure to professional development through CUES. I believe CUES Emerge represents an investment not only in the learning and careers of individual CUES members but also in the future of our movement. 

Please check it out and consider participating!

Jimese Harkley, J.D., CUDE, is VP/membership at CUES.

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