10 Ways to Foster Leadership Development

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Make your organization a place where people fuel each others learning and growth

Results are the by-product of high expectations, efficient processes, and constant improvement. The focus of constant improvement in organizations often centers on procedures and processes.

But what about people? The future is about people. The real test of your leadership is the growth and development of people.

If personal growth and leadership development are the priority of leadership, the real question is how to inspire growth and development. Community is the essential ingredient in growth and development.

How did you get where you are today? People! A long line of people stand behind you and your success. A teacher or manager took you under his/her wing and ignited your transformation.

As a credit union leader, you need to build an organization where people fuel each other’s development.

When you’re making leadership development a community activity, you imagine environments that ignite and fuel development:

  1. Pull back the curtain and let people see your development. How many people know your current learning-focus? Public learning changes organizational culture
  2. Ask others about their development. Everyone in your organizations needs a personal development statement . “ I’m developing ….” If you can’t describe the focus of your development, you aren’t developing.
  3. Share the books and blogs you’re reading.
  4. Begin meetings with personal stories of growth and development. How are people changing?
  5. Declare your development goals.
  6. Discuss lessons from failure. “I’m working to delegate more effectively, but I find it hard to let go.”
  7. Seek feedback publicly.
  8. Hire people who love learning.
  9. Focus on one simple area of development. You’re too busy to change too many things at once.
  10. Connect with people who passionately develop themselves. “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Unknown

Who ignited and/or fueled your transformation as a leader? How might organizations make leadership development a community activity?

Based in central Pennsylvania, Dan Rockwell is freakishly interested in leadership. According to the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness, the Leadership Freak blog is often the most socially shared leadership blog on the internet. An Inc. magazine Top Fifty Leadership and Management Expert and Top 100 Great Leadership Speaker and an American Management Association Top 30 Leader in Business of 2014, Rockwell had his first leadership position in the non-profit world at age 19.

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