Using the Online NCUA Examiner's Guide to Manage Employee & Executive Benefits Funding

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This e-book can help you avoid difficult, time-consuming examination glitches.

Making investments to fund credit union employee and executive benefits programs is complicated. A key reason is that many credit unions have little or no experience with the types of investments the NCUA rules allow to fund these benefits. It’s not unusual for NCUA examinations to stop cold when examiners have questions about employee benefits funding programs. Sometimes, credit unions struggle to find supporting documentation. Or their board members and executives are unable to answer basic questions about the investment strategies and products they’ve deployed for employee/executive benefits.

This whitepaper can help you avoid these difficult, time-consuming examination glitches by showing you how to use a powerful tool NCUA has installed: the online NCUA Examiner’s Guide.

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Create A Robust, Compliant Funding Program for Employee and Executive Benefits: Using the Online NCUA Examiner’s Guide
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