Adopting Technology: A Checklist for the People Side of Change

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Key questions to manage expectations and attitudes

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Banks and credit unions face a variety of challenges today, whether it’s increased competition, changing customer expectations or greater regulatory burdens. Increasingly, financial institutions are turning to automation and technology to combat these challenges, but resistance from inside the organization can stall the best plans. Use the below checklist of questions to help frame your financial institution’s vision and get the most buy-in possible when preparing to adopt new technologies.

Create a Powerful Case for Change

Before adopting new technology or new processes, it is critical to be able to answer questions about why the change is taking place. Transformation needs a destination, and clear communication around a change can shape the way staff perceive and embrace it. The following questions may help clarify the “why” behind embracing new technology:

  • Is there a time constraint that is driving the change?
  • Is competition, government regulation, or an audit finding motivating the change?
  • Is the change part of the financial institution’s growth strategy?

Build Your Army

When it comes to getting a team on board with new technology or other changes, gathering the right people at the right time can help avoid frustration. Plan out who needs to be on board at what stage of the process.

It is common for some staff members to feel irrelevant at early-stage, high-level meetings. To minimize these frustrations, ask:

  • Who will drive the implementation of the change?
  • Can you involve potential naysayers early on in the process to get their buy-in?
  • How will you target gatherings wisely and provide critical context to build support?

Measure Results

Having measurable goals can help sustain momentum and set up your financial institution for success when it comes to adopting technology. Reinforcing the new processes over time will be essential to making sure all users come on board and stay on board. Consider the following:

  • What avenues will be provided for stakeholders to give feedback?
  • Can a survey or more informal gauges of how team members are feeling yield helpful adoption strategies?
  • What are the risks and benefits of mandating usage vs. letting staff trickle on board with new technology at their own pace?
  • Which approach might lead to an incohesive process and increase risk?

Bailey Barretto, PMP, is a consultant in Abrigo’s Advisory Services, where she works to increase software adoption of clients while boosting ROI and benefit realization to achieve high results. She holds her PMP certification from the Project Management Institute as well as her Change Practitioner Certification from Prosci. Barretto is passionate about the people side of technology and has overseen hundreds of software implementations.

Kate Stoneburner is a content marketing manager at Abrigo, where she works with industry thought leaders to create digital content that helps financial institutions better serve their customers. Before joining Abrigo, Kate managed social media and produced articles for Campbell University’s quarterly magazine and other university content initiatives. She earned her bachelor’s degree in strategic communication and professional writing from Miami University.

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