Is This the Right Job for You?

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Questions to ask yourself about whether it’s time to move on—and whether an open position has the potential to be a good match for you

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Whether you are currently employed or seeking a new opportunity, how will you know if the job you’re in—or one you might be pursuing—is right for you? 

Here are a few consideration points for both situations.

Is Your Current Job Good for You?

For better or worse, people sometimes stay in the same position for years. Ask yourself these questions to see whether you are in a good place for yourself or want to move on.

Do you believe in the goals of your organization? Individual, team and organizational goals should be aligned, ensuring connection and contribution to the overall higher goals. The business should also support these goals and help you achieve them the best way you can.

Is this a position where you can make an immediate impact? The organization should create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable enough to initiate new ideas and show individuality while also listening to your team and learning from leadership.

Do you always feel like you are in survival mode? Does going to work every day seem like a battle? We all have had those thoughts/feelings in specific jobs, and there is a reason you aren’t in your past role anymore! So why waste more time in a dead-end job?

Suppose your job needs to be more fulfilling your needs personally and professionally. In that case, it might be time to seek a position with an organization you’ll be excited to work for every day. A new role may even help you take the next step in your career.  

Should You Pursue That Advertised Position?

Once you’ve decided to make a move, you will have to evaluate each opportunity that presents itself. Here are some key questions to ask yourself when doing so.

Does the role fit into my long-term career plans? Match your goals with what a position can offer you. For example, perhaps you’d like to earn more, take on a new challenge, or have a better title. 

Based on what you know (or can find out) about the potential employer’s culture, does it seem like one in which you would thrive? People talk a lot about looking to work for companies where friends are happily working. That’s a good strategy. Any insight you can get into a company’s culture ahead of time—from friends, acquaintances or even online resources— can help you decide whether applying for a job there is worth your time.  

What learning opportunities would the new job open for me? Learning is essential to career development. A lateral move might make sense if your new employer helps you learn the things you need to achieve the next milestone in your career.

Ultimately, only you can decide when it’s time to leave your current position and for which open positions you’ll apply. But hopefully, answering the questions in this blog will help you on your journey.

Janice Shisler is CEO of JSpire Recruiting, a CUES Supplier member based in the Houston area.

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