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If you're feeling too old to get into the social or new media on line these days, take heart. You don't have to learn it all at once. Indeed, I'm finding out that you really can find your way on Linked In, Facebook and Flickr by dribs and drabs--by asking for help from someone who's been there, and even by accepting invitations from your elders! Consider these introductions I've had to social and new media:

  • I got on Linked In and toured Twitter thanks to CUES colleague Christopher Stevenson, who was on first and blogging about the perks. (I think it's ironic that he calls himself a social media "misfit" since I'm way behind him on the curve!) I've found colleagues, potential new writers, and old friends on the site.
  • I checked out Facebook because CUES colleague Karin Weiss mentioned Scrabulous. I love playing the Scrabble knock-off (after hours, of course!) and I'm also loving the feeling of connectedness with the human side of credit unions that Facebook builds. I enjoyed seeing photos of GAC posted to Facebook by Ginny Brady and Morriss Partee, for example. (Took access these, you'll have to sign up for a Facebook profile. Take the plunge, if you haven't already! Remember, dribs and drabs ... )
  • On Sunday I got on Flickr for the first time because my Dad, yup, my Dad, sent me an invitation to see his photos of some pretty serious bicycle riders. Off and running (riding?) on a new site, I guess!

I hear you murmuring, "That's all easy for you to say, Lisa, you used to work in the computer lab in college, have lots of geek friends and aren't yet 40." All true. But let me confirm that you are not alone among credit union executives getting exposure to this new (and may I say interesting and useful) world.

At CUES Execu/Summit last week in Colorado, a bunch of CU executives heard a lot about social media from Tim and Larissa, the now-famous Young & Free duo. They horsed around with video, posted it to the Currency Marketing blog, and got 22 comments right away from Twitterers, bloggers and CUES staff who were following the event. Attendees said they took away new appreciation for the value of social media and how it might help them reach Gen Y.

It may take some time to learn all these new tricks, but the payback (besides feeling younger, like I do!) may be worth it. As one Execu/Summit attendee wrote, "Gen Y, here we come!"

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