The Impact of CUES’ New Membership Structure

Jmese Harkely,  CUES Vice President of Membership
Jimese Harkley, CUDE, J.D., SPP, CCE Photo


Harkley, CUES’ 2015 Next Top Credit Union Exec winner and now its VP/membership, summarizes this effort at the end of this episode, saying: “We want to touch everyone and help them reach their goal.”

During the show, Harkley describes how CUES used conversations with members to inform decisions about the new membership structure. For example, CUES’ new group memberships, Unlimited and Unlimited+ , bundle many previous benefits of membership with what were previously “offerings.” This in turn addresses members’ expressed interest in getting one invoice for what they do with CUES, she says.

But more importantly, Harkley talks about how the new group memberships allow more people from each credit union to be engaged with CUES membership and the learning that brings.

It’s “wonderful to have all these benefits packaged and bring more of staff along,” she says.

During the show Harkley also addresses:

  • CUES’ new, personalized onboarding process designed to help training and benefits specialists at credit unions learn how to help their CUs maximize the ROI on their group memberships
  • new benefits that have been added to the group membership bundles, including CUES Learning Portal and CUES Guide to Effective Mentorship
  • improved benefits coming in late January, such as CUESNet and the CUES membership directory
  • what is happening for credit union leaders who currently have a multi-year membership
  • how the new structure preserves favorite benefits from the past, such as CU Management magazine and discounts on CUES events
  • how the new memberships will be a topic of discussion at CUES Symposium in late January

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