Going 'Green' Neither Corny nor Idle

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By Lisa Hochgraf

Since I wrote "Going Green Promotes Positive Press and a Positive Impression," I've come across several more credit unions that impressed me with their environmentally friendly innovations.

$1.1 billion Veridian Credit Union (formerly John Deere Community CU) in Waterloo, Iowa, is now using biodegradable corn plastic for membership cards for new members. It was already distributing promotional beverage mugs made of the plastic. The cards and mugs both come from NatureWorks.

"It is likely most individuals will not notice the difference in the cards,” said CUES member Jean Trainor, the CU's president/CEO in a press release. "The product the cards are made of is different, but the way in which they serve our members is still the same."

In Sydney, Nova Scotia, credit unions are joining up with Atlantic Coastal Action Program Cape Breton to have "idle-free zones" in their drive-through ATMs and parking lots. Customers will be encouraged by signs saying "Idle-Free Zone, Idling Gets You Nowhere," to turn off their car engines while waiting.

According to a report in the Cape Breton Post, Leanne Boutilier said having the idle-free zones seemed like a good idea.

"The environment is very important to Sydney Credit Union because we are a community-minded financial institution so we welcomed the opportunity to partner with them (Atlantic Coastal Action Program)," said Boutilier, marketing manager at $90 million (Canadian) Sydney Credit Union, which is participating in the program.

As these additional examples attest, going "green" is neither "corny" nor "idle." Rather it can make a positive impression and get your CU good press.

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